We know it can be a challenge to keep toddlers entertained and stimulated, giving them the chance to stay active for the recommended 3hrs a day

JJ`s is a rich source of learning JJ`s is not all about play, JJ`s play frame has been designed to aid a child’s development in the 3 Main areas of Learning.

1. Physical Development through Play your child will develop both small and gross motor skills, small motor skills developed through playing with small objects picking up balls or play panels large motor skilled developed through general play, whilst climbing up padded stairs, crawling through tunnels, walking/exploring our multi level play frame. All helping with their physical, emotional (confidence building), and social development.

“Exercise in Disguise” due to the twist and turns ups and downs negotiating the play frame
moving about through JJ`s play frame is very physical burning off energy and using a range different muscle groups gives bodies of all sizes a good physical workout, this goes for those parents who spend time playing with their children in JJ`s Try for yourself next time you are here. Research shows that active and exploratory play is a good way to encourage children to enjoy physical exercise. An hour or two of soft play at JJ’s is probably the most fun your children can have while getting a really good "cardiovascular" workout.

2. Personal social and emotional development interacting with other children whether its the same age group or older child that the younger child aspires too developing their social skills and learning quicker with other children, gaining confidence in the process, sharing, turn taking, having empathy for others needs, Problem solving reasoning playing alongside and with other children in a social environment, taking risks which develops their confidence in their own abilities.

3. Communication language and literacy playing with others children and adults encourages there listen skill, eye contact and language development. JJ`s is an environment where a child’s imagination is free to run wild through the various play activities and the games that the children play within JJ`s.

We have also started Toddler Discovery Class run by our JJ’s Chatterbox Nursery the qualified nursery staff will being running different actives throughout the year. Please keep an eye on our facebook and events pages for dates.

Our caters for a range of dietary requirements we have both a childs menu along with a smaller Toddlers menu for the little ones, We have each weekday a special for children from our Nursery menu except the Days the nursery Children make their own dinners ie Pizza day.


As a childminder by coming to JJ’s you would not be alone, we have many childminders already come to our setting, this will give you the chance to socialise and network with other childminders.

For the children in your care it gives them the chance to build friendships and learn to interact with larger groups of children. As well as the ‘exercise in disguise’, what is all Good preparation for school.

By joining our Free Promotion club you will receive discount on entry for all your children as well as invites to our £1.00 days and Childminder Free Entry Days.

Childminder entrance is FREE.

To register you will need to bring in a copy of your registration certificate/card from OFSTED and become a member of our free promotions club.